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by Monica Ma •

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Suggestions to Add BDSM to the Bedroom

Suggestions to Add BDSM to the Bedroom Having regular sex is great but sometimes, we all have this urge to try something more. There are many ways to add more excitement into the bedroom, an example of which is to introduce a sex toy into your relationship. However, when it comes to sex, there are not many things more exciting than BDSM! Throughout this article, Luvkis will introduce you to some simple and exciting ways to introduce DBSM into your relationship. If you’re a true sex lover who longs for something new, these tips and tricks will be perfect for you. We show you how you can bring DBSM into your bedroom no matter what your kink comfort level is. Sensory Deprivation If you’re new to DBSM, sensory deprivation offers a great place to start because it is something that can be easily incorporated into any kind of sex without it having to be too kinky. Besides, it also offers a great starting ground as it can be combined with the other suggestions given later throughout this article. The essence of sensory deprivation is that you block one or more senses of your partner to heighten the others like touch. It’s even believed that complete sensory deprivation can lead to a unique state of mind comparable to having hallucinations! If you’re new to sensory deprivation, you might want to start with covering the eyes. Sight is one of the easiest senses to block yet, at the same time, one of the most important senses to obtain information to our brain. Therefore, when blocked, it will highly influence your other senses. Blocking your partner’s sight is easy by applying a soft silk blindfold around their eyes. If you do not have a blindfold, you can simply use a towel or shirt around your partner’s eyes to block his sight. Blindfolding is easy and effective, but if you’re a kinky guy or girl, you might want to take it one step further. Besides blocking one’s eyes, you can use plugs to block the nostrils and ears to prevent your partner from hearing or smell. You can furthermore use bondage from multiple points on your partner’s body which will give him the impression of being pulled equally in all directions. Playing with your partner’s senses in such a way is guaranteed to increase the sexual thrill. Bondage Bondage is the B in BDSM and is often the first thing people try when it comes to kinkier sex. Bondage involves sexual gratification through being restrained by your partner during sex. Often, bondage is combined with role-playing. Bondage always involves some DBSM toys that are used to tie your partner up. Hereby you can think about simple bondage cuffs or about a full-body cuff to keep your partner in place. Remember that bondage should always be practiced with care and, because there is a certain level of risk involved, you should always have a safe word. Also, it is advised to agree with each other before starting on what you can and can not do to one another to make sure nobody feels too uncomfortable (unless, of course, this is what you’re into). For those of you who want to take it even a step further, you can choose to add some exciting sex toys to the bondage play and tease your partner with a vibrator attached to a strap-on harness to practice your dominance. Like this, you’ll truly be able to show who’s in charge! Sensation play Sex is all about sensations and feelings. With sensation play, we try to trigger different sensations by exposing the skin to different feelings. The two main ways to practice sensation play is either through the use of temperature or impacts. If you’re new to sensation play, the easiest way to start is through temperature play. During the summer, you can use ice cubes to play with your partner’s sensations. Use them around their mouth, chest, or genitals to create a thrilling effect. Or, put an ice cube in your mouth for several minutes before kissing your partner or giving him oral sex. This is guaranteed to blow his mind. Alternatively, you can use heat. The easiest way to add heat to a sexual adventure is through the use of hot wax. Get your hands on a massage candle and slowly let the hot wax drip onto your partner’s body for an unbelievable sexual thrill. Besides temperature play, there is also impact play. As the name suggests, this play stimulates the senses through impacts. When it comes to BDSM, the most common toys to use for impact play are whips, floggers, or paddles that can be used to strike the body. Again, make sure to first agree with your partner on the amount of force that can be applied during impact play. Remember, people have different pain barriers and not everybody likes to get hit as hard as others. When it comes to impact play always remember - safety first!